Born in 1983 in France,  Yan Denes graduated his master art in 2008  at the Toulon superior art school (south of France ). After some trips ( Japan,  Italy , eastern Europe… ), he moved in Champagne région where he started his professional activity.
Automotive enthousiast since kid and even more by vintage sport cars , he decided to link two of vos main passion, art and automotive world.
Working with Blackbird Automotive Ltd. In Hong Kong since 2016, his studio is located in Joinville en Vallage.
Yan uses to work on commission for various customers: subjects can vary from a car owned by the client or something more specific like a vintage scene of an historical event. Some of this artwork are commissioned to illustrate some automotive magazines.
The drawings are totally hand made with ” pierre noire ” pencil and soft pastel powder on various papers,  according to the style of the scene ( dynamic view, vintage style scene, detail …) .